How Does Jeremy Lin Survive the Rigors of the NBA...

when he "poisons" himself with grains every day?

"My diet consists of healthy carbs, proteins, veggies and fruits. For carbs I like to eat pasta, couscous, and rice. All the meats I eat have to be lean and healthy like fish, chicken, and steak."-- Jeremy Lin


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    In his sport it makes sense to eat more carbs than average due to the glycogen depletion, and pasta is pretty much a standard with athletes who use up a lot of glycogen (keep in mind that most athletic-geared diets have an emphasis on performance, not necessarily overall health). Lower carb diets are often helpful for endurance sports because it up-regulates the beta-oxidation pathways, and if you train towards that end then your lactate threshold will tend to be much higher (thus allowing you to preserve glycogen for when you really need it).

    When it comes to grains, not all people are sensitive to gluten (gluten is what most people are weary about when it comes to certain grains), though research shows that a good number of people are sensitive (or have Celiac disease), especially if you're of a certain ancestry. I didn't realize that I was gluten intolerant until I abstained from it for about a month or so and then reintroduced it, the symptoms were clear and pronounced (and kinda gross).

    In any case, everybody's physiology is a bit different due to genetics, there is no diet that is applicable to all persons, there are only rough guidelines. If you can handle things like gluten, then go ahead, if you can't, then abstain. But like I said, I had no idea that I was gluten intolerant until I experimented a bit.

    1. Joseph, I understand why athletes do this. My point is that the more extreme paleo people will claim grains are "poisons." So how can pro athletes keep "poisoning" themselves and still succeed?

      Pointing this absurdity out is no criticism of more moderate paleos!


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