Friday, October 18, 2013


To all possible names have the abbreviation for a chemical elements in them, or did some people have to get turned down for a role in Breaking Bad because their name didn't have an element in it?


  1. For some reason, surnames that fail are far less common than first names. Of top 300 each of male and female first names (US,) and top 1000 surnames, I get:

    [Lee | Max | Emma | Mae ] [Lee | Le]

  2. In the next 2000 surnames, add Mead, Meade, Meza, and Metz.

  3. Ok, my second comment looks really odd without my first. Hey, Gene, can you whitelist me somehow? I won't go Silas on you.

    1. E-mail address? (I know I might have it already, but it is easier just to ask.)


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