And someone paid lawyers good money to write this!

On the news tonight, I heard that there is trouble with the BP settlement concerning the gulf oil spill. BP feels people are fraudulently claiming lawsuits. Who should have been eligible to claim a loss and get compensation? As I recall from what they kept repeating on the radio, it was much like "Anyone who suffered an economic loss due to the oil spill."

Well, it is no wonder that there is trouble afoot: what an incredibly vague criterion! If I fished for shrimp in the gulf, and could not fish for many months after the spill, it is clear that I qualify. But what about the fellow who serviced the engine of my fishing boat? What about the guy who serviced the van of the guy who serviced the engine of my fishing boat? What about the woman who sold that guy his sandwich and coffee in the morning? What about her babysitter?

For all I know, maybe *I* suffered economic loss due to the gulf oil spill. I'm thinking perhaps I should become a highly paid corporate lawyer. I have been writing that vaguely for years!


  1. Is it badly worded though? I mean ineptly when I ask. Won't it generate many cases of varying merit which need to be compared to case law, argued separately, and in detail? By lawyers?


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