Hamlet soliloquy mashup

I read the famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy to Siri, continually switching my input language is I did so (while continuing to read in English). James Joyce would have liked the result I think:


To be or Nacci B: Ben il est équation
Bei der Lektüre Snowboard in gemeint tschüss suffer
El sueño hacer arroz o outrageous fortune,
Oggi Telecom Circles SE auf Jobbox,
Un pareil à part août cinq end them? To die: Missouri,
No more; en pagas güey Chelsea y Willy end
The heartache Andy draußen Nerd Frau Sharks
Flash deals heir to, tu essayes train de ses mèches
Choacahui chipi web. To die, Küssli;
Si si: corcheas Cheo dream: ay, there's Vibrator
Four in that Slipknot e quattro dreams Weltraum
Berwick lascia poco this mortal coil
Masques passeport


  1. I thought that you said you hardly had any time these days? =) Honestly, if I saw a professor doing this, I would probably laugh out loud, haha


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