Cheese-eating surrender monkeys?

This was this sort of smear that the neocons liked to hurl at the French when they refused to go along with the American attack on Iraq in 2003. (I recall Jonah Goldberg using that very phrase.) In retrospect, they might have just instead called them "sensible." I have criticized this nonsense before, but, in listening to some lectures on World War I, I just came across a fact that highlights how ridiculous it is:

Half of French men between the ages of 20 and 32 were killed in that war. And, of course, France never surrendered.

Can you even imagine Americans' response if half of our young men between 20 and 32 had been killed in the Iraq war that started in 2003? Think about this carefully before you insult the French for their "cowardice."


  1. Plus cheese is primal.

  2. Those who say this might want to check out French Special Forces units like the GIGN. Because, uh... wow. Those are some tough, tough men.


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