How Elites Destroy Themselves


'Young children learn by example, often copying the behavior of adults. I often see youngsters in strollers or on foot with a parent or caretaker who is chatting or texting on a cellphone instead of conversing with the children in their charge. Dr. Steiner-Adair said parents should think twice before using a mobile device when with their children. She suggests parents check email before the children get up, while they are in school, or after they go to bed.

'One girl among the 1,000 children she interviewed in preparing her book said, "I feel like I'm just boring. I’m boring my dad because he will take any text, any call, any time, even on the ski lift."'

My neighborhood is filled with children of the elite who are being raised by indifferent nannies who spend the day pushing them around in strollers while staring at or talking into their phones.


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