Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Most people *can* be above average

At least if the average of which we speak is the mean: "Consider the average number of legs for a human: it’s around 1.999. Almost everyone is above average and no one is average."

By the way, the quote is from a good article rejecting scientism.


  1. Every time someone says "90% of drivers believe they are above average at driving!", I think ... well, that means between 33% and 44% of the people who believe that are right! Perhaps more than half of drivers are able to accurately assess whether they are above average.

    1. Well, I think your analysis is right, but if they are thinking of the mean, and 10% of drivers are REALLY terrible, 90% of drivers could be right!

      (I just note that's possible: I think you are correct, and most people overrate their driving skill.)


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