I didn't consent to that!

Generally, a fatuous complaint.

Among the things I didn't consent to:
  • The law of gravity
  • The number of planets
  • The fact I speak English
  • My birth
  • Males can't bear children
  • Sunrise in the east
  • Having two legs
  • Being mortal
  • Electro-magnetic attraction
  • The evolution of species
  • Having to eat
  • Needing to excrete
  • Nose hairs
  • Needing air
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Driving on the right
  • Toenail growth
Etc., etc. It is nonsense to complain about, say, the nature of sin as something "I didn't consent to!" and ignore all of these other things one didn't consent to!


  1. Most of those are bad examples since people have no control over them. Here is a better example: "I did not consent to needing your consent.".

    1. Why would that make them bad examples? We have no control over the nature of sin, either.

    2. What is the "nature of sin" and why do you use it as an example?

      The rest are bad examples because it makes no sense to speak of consent or the lack thereof with respect to them.

    3. " what is the nature of sIn?"

      You might read St. Paul or St. Augustine on this.

      I use it as an example because I recently saw someone on Murphy's blog arguing "I didn't consent to that being a sin," as if that mattered.

      As far as your second point: BS. It makes perfect sense. Did you agree with God or the universe that the law of gravity should apply to you? If not, then you did not consent to it.


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