Big Green Moths

Arriving at our vacation home in Vermont, we found a big green moth with its wing stuck in the door. When we freed it, we saw that half of the wing had been torn off, leaving the fellow unable to fly.

My oldest son asked if we could try to help it. I told him that I didn't know much about how to care for big green moths, but that we would do our best. Thinking "moths -- nectar," we poured some honey on a plate and placed the moth near it.

A day later, we found the moth in the midst of the honey. My son said, "He must like it."

"Well," I said, "either that, or he's simply gotten stuck in it."

It seems to me that we should pay attention to that distinction in our own lives, as well: If we find ourselves in the same place again and again, is it because we are drawing nourishment from it, or simply that we have gotten stuck there?


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I just thought that what you wrote was ment for me. I just moved back home after years of being on my own to attend college and recieve some help from my family. I left years ago because I was so afraid of 'getting stuck' in my home city, and never seeing the wonderful things this world had to offer. Just a few days after I got settled in at my grandmothers, a 'big green moth' just made its home on her back door. Not flying away, I had to know just what it was. I looked online in hope to find what kind of moth it was, well, I did and not only that, but I also found your page. If you've ever seen the movie 'BIG FISH', you might not think im totally crazy, but, I think that i can relate to this 'BIG GREEN MOTH'. Thank you for making, (in some crazy way) me feel better about moving back to my hunny dish. Although, for the time being I am stuck. -little green
    moth- jme

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