Tidbits on Iraq

Just a few thoughts:

(1) Regarding the recently released memos in which Rumsfeld approved certain methods of extracting information but not others (like the use of dripping water): Now granted, I don't really know how the military works from the inside, but it doesn't exactly reassure me that the higher-ups weren't giving a nod and a wink to torturing prisoners. It seems a bit naive to point to these memos as proof of Rumsfeld's softness. By the same token, we could point to Bush's oath to uphold the Constitution to "prove" that he is against increased gov't spending. In any event: Would YOU want to be locked in a room with Don Rumsfeld if your name were Oman and he thought you knew about a pipe bomb on a Greyhound bus?

(2) What's the deal with the early transfer of sovereignty (let's forget that it's not really a transfer of sovereignty with thousands of US troops still there)? I wonder if it thwarted terrorists who were planning a big deal for June 30?


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