Everyone Knew

Among the many absurd arguments the warhawks now put forward to justify the US invasion of Iraq, perhaps the most hilarious is that "virtually all governments acknowledged that Iraq had 'weapons of mass destruction' before the war."

Sure, and just why did they all "acknowledge" that? Maybe because of the phoney intelligence propogated by the warhawks? Nah, couldn't be.


  1. What a bunch of scaredycats the US has turned into! I went through 50 years of the Cold War with the USSR, and there was no doubt what they had- nuclear ICBMs, and plenty of 'em. And we never bugged out and initiated an ill-advised invasion or attack. We kept our heads, and whaddayano, their whole rotten system eventually collapsed. But these days, everybody is so fear-deluded, and they want the bogeyman to go away now. And look what we have been drawn into- we gave Bin Laddan just what he wanted, and recent news reports say that Saddam planned long ago to deal with us just the way he has- draw us in with mild resistance, and bleed us to death with an insurgency. Falling for that is a classic military mistake, too.

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