An Old Puzzle

When I was 18, I was a lifeguard at a beach in Norwalk, CT. One cloudy day, when no one was in the water, my friend and I stood on the porch of the guard shack chatting. Two middle-aged men walked up a sidewalk that passed in front of the shack. As they came within earshot, we heard one of them say, "First there was Rod McKuen, then there was me, then there was Spiro Agnew." Then they were out of earshot again.

To this day, I can't imagine what the context of the remark could have been. Not only were McKuen, this fellow, and Agnew in some group together, the group even had a sequence to it -- first McKuen, then him, then Agnew.

Any suggestions?


  1. Maybe he was in the same Army unit or some super secret fraternal organization...

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