The fun never ends...

New travel restrictions to Cuba kept travelers stuck in the Miami International Airport this week. At the last minute, they learned that the planes they were to board did not have permission to fly people to Cuba before these new restrictions took place. Amusingly, while they were in the airport protesting their bad luck, Florida Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart happened to land at MIA and walked straight into the angry crowd. Even more entertaining is that Congressman Díaz-Balart is distantly related to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. So when are the inner tubes going to start taking Cubans back to the Island? Perhaps after the November election? The Cubans are rightfully livid. They've felt that they got Dubya into office and he's done nothing to help their plight and are considering voting Democrat this time around but it might not be enough to help Kerry take the state. You see the Jewish vote is leaning toward George "Friend of Israel" Bush. In short, the Cubans are voting Democrat, the Jews are voting Republican, you need permission to leave the US and Fidel's kin are politicians on this side of the Florida Straits too. But this is typical for Miami...things are bound to get even more screwy as the mercury rises.


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