The other day I casually mentioned to friends at Anti-State.com that "I wouldn't trust Wikipedia to tell me my own name"... so naturally one of those clever rascals decided to make an entry for me. While this may just seem like another one of my whims, I just don't have any reason to believe in the validity of any information there. Absolutely none. Also, I've heard people mention that they have "corrected" information there only to have it "uncorrected" back to the original error. Which doesn't at all mean the service isn't unusable, just too flawed for me to count on. Even my buddy purposefully added a fact error for comedy's sake. (I really am not a hawt azn chick.) Not to mention that the entry was a simple gag in the first place.

Then I noticed the entry was slated for deletion and I discovered a discusson page where people "vote" whether the entry should get the axe. What a hoot! At first I was incensed that these bozos would assume that I had made an "arrogant vanity page". Then they proceeded to insult Anarchocapitalism, anarchists and my beloved "Torco the Clown". Who are they to decide whether any information is valuable or not? Some kind of notable know-it-alls? I don't think so, so screw 'em! However, one brilliant person codenamed Arevich made the following suggestion: "Maybe someone should create a new entry for Wiki Troll to describe a person who spends inordinate amounts of time trolling Wikipedia looking for articles to delete". Right on Arevich. This whole page is a textbook example of otherwise impotent/unimportant dorks looking for a place to feel a little bit of power and another reason why I won't trust the information there. Unfortunately, many other websites are now loading Wikipedia info onto their sites and crowding the search engines. So not only I have gotten what I paid for--which was nothing--I'm also getting shafted by them even though I'm actively avoiding them. Wikipedia, I'm marking you for deletion.


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