Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Galloway before Senate

George Galloway was elected as Member of Parliament for the riding of Bethnal Green. The man, widely considered a demagogue and a vituperative and powerful speaker, was accused in a recent Senate committee hearing of having been the beneficiary of oil money from Hussein's regime.

He's denied it. And he called on the Senators to allow him to testify in his own defence.

They did. And fireworks flew (watch the video in the top right-hand corner).

You can watch a large chunk of Galloway's testimony here. At any rate, you can research Galloway on the BBC, and definitely watch two things: His victory speech (where he accuses Blair and Bush of having the blood of tens of thousands of Iraqis on their hands. And then calls on the returning officer to resign), and then his interview with Jeremy Paxman.

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