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To follow up on a recent post regarding gov't folks and the classification of tomatoes... Mr Callahan notes... Now, I suppose it's better the legislators spend their time that way than in passing some intrusive new law. Now that type of legislation is not as innocuous as it may appear. The potential ramifications of an unfunded mandate is paid for by someone. Just changing labels from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, servicers etc adds up. The new and better info labels on foods we consume from the corner market cost, well, a lot of time and money. I can't imagine that the gov't bureaucrats are talking about something so inane unless someone makes money. Or perhaps it is a function of a topic I suggested as a sequel to the book "Economics for Real People". That book could be named "Economics for Real Gov't Bureaucrats". For instance if the tomatoe classification crisis is as it appears to be... useless and stupid, then why? Gov't job creation maybe. As the gov't doesn't create much of anything that anyone wants to buy, I think this could be an example of expansion of the very lucrative business of gov't bureaucracy. Perhaps some legislator's cousin's spouse needs a job. How about initiating a study on tomatoes?


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