Tucker to the Rescue

The purpose of this post is to shower gratitude on Jeff Tucker--the wizard behind the curtain of mises.org. My family had gone to watch Jeff's oldest daughter, Julia, play softball. I was playing catch with Jeff's son, Nicholas (who turned out to be better than me at stopping the ball from hitting old ladies watching the game).

When we were about to leave, I took off Jeff's glove and realized to my horror that my wedding ring was missing! I went into paralytic shock and called Jeff over. He began methodically combing the ground, and found the ring! I think I would have kissed him but I know Jeff is old-fashioned.

Oh, the other interesting thing was that I saw an in-the-park grand slam during the game. And for those who know her, I should report that Julia had a tough ump with a microscopic strike zone, but she sure looked intimidating on the mound.

(Yes, this is a true "web log" post. No intellectual content here, folks.)


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