Speaking of War Crimes...

The Guardian ran a story today relating that nearly a million Vietnamese are suffering health problems related to the US having sprayed 12% of the nation's rainforests and mangrove swamps with Agent Orange.

But isn't this adding insult to injury?
"Kiet's father, Tran Van Loi, who was heavily exposed to Agent Orange during the war, complains of fatigue and weakness, and finds it increasingly difficult to work as a farmer. The family receives meagre benefits: 82,000 dong from the state and 150,000 dong from Vietnam Red Cross each month."

I mean, what good are a couple of hundred thousand severed dicks going to do this poor guy?


  1. Yamamo12:04 PM

    You know the saying - when life hands you lemons......Fire up the KitchenAid, honey...

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM


  3. Apraxias3:10 PM

    Asia? Severed male genitalias?

    That just spells Lifetime Supply of Home-Brewed Virility-Enhancing Drink.

    Sounds like someone's sitting on a fortune here.

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I read this blog for its humour.

  5. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I read this blog because sometimes they use the word "dicks."


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