In the last few days I've been in my car for over 21 hours. (Most of that time was spent driving, mind you.) For some reason state troopers (notice that that phrase is just three letters away from the bad guys in George Lucas' famous films) were out in force on the interstates, and so I had several occasions to flash my lights to alert motorists on the other side that a wily cop was waiting to ambush them. I just love everything about this technique; it's nonviolent, completely spontaneous, and hence hard to foil. (If they wanted, I suppose cops and their supporters could flash their lights when there isn't a speed trap, thus diluting the accuracy of my warnings.)

On this particular road trip I went through just about every CD that I own, including Disc Two of Les Miserables (original Broadway cast). A particular pair of lines stuck out every time I executed the headlight trick:

There are wa-a-a-ys that a people can fight /
We shall overcome their pow-e-e-r!


  1. Aurelia11:51 PM

    Yes - like teaching your kids who are riding in the "way back" of your station wagon (ie sans seatbelt) to duck every time a cop is in sight! I mean we're talkin' ages 8,6 and almost 5. Start them young, that's what I always say.


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