When Are You Having Another One?

This is one of my least favorite questions regarding children, right up there with "Where'd he get that red hair from?" (Clark has gorgeous red hair.) I think it's a very rude question, and I'm sick of people asking me about it so casually. The reason it hits a hot spot with me is because frankly, I don't want another one right now, and I'm tired of people suggesting that it'll be bad for Clark, and that a family needs to be a certain size. But it can hit much hotter spots for other people. At church today, someone asked me, and then she asked another woman in the group. The woman said, "Well, we just lost one in April..." See? See my point? She brought up the woman's MISCARRIAGE, whereas if she had just kept her rude mouth shut, or chatted about the weather, she wouldn't have hurt anybody.

This is a question you just shouldn't ask! For all you know the woman doesn't want another one, or she and her husband fight about it every week, or maybe there are fertility problems, or maybe she had a miscarriage--and any way it spins, it's most likely not your business.


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    When I'm asked that question, the answer is usually, "Right after I finish this one!"

    Of course, it's not babies they're asking about.

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    A good barman doesn't need to ask.

  3. Some kids are what I call "stoppers", i.e. a child so horrible that its parents decide not to have any more.

  4. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I'd blame the chef, not the victims.


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