The British? Who Are They?

Looking at this book, which I am scheduled to review, I found:

"Yet, keep in mind just how narrow life in rural India was for so long. In 1952, on the fifth anniversary of independence, the Indian government commissioned a survey to find out if the average Indian villager had heard yet that the British had gone. The study was quietly cancelled when early results showed that the average villager had never heard that the British had ever arrived!"


  1. Great quote.

    Gene, do you think IQ is a legitimate measure of intelligence?

  2. I think IQ might be a fair measure of the intelligence someone has achieved. But I've always thought that intelligence in any area is mostly a function of a person's willingness to seriously contemplate that subject. When someone says, "I'm no good at math," what they really mean is, "I am unwilling to put any effort into thinking through math problems." The very same person, who is, say, a plumber, turns out to be quite adept when it comes to calculating what to charge for some job.

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