Giuliani Proves bin Laden Not Involved in 9/11

I was just recalling Benito Giuliani's fatuous retorrt to Ron Paul during that presidential debate where he claimed "I don't think I've heard that before," referring to the blowback theory of terrorism. What struck me this time was how absurd is Giuliani's claim to understand the sources of terrorism because he was in NYC on 9/11. You see, it's proximity to an event that brings understanding! The (living) people who understand the source of the 9/11 attacks best are those who got out of the lower floors of the twin towers. Guiliani understands them much better than Paul, who was only in wWashington at the time. Since this effect falls off rapidly with distance, we can surmise that Osama bin Laden, who was half the world away, must no nothing at all about the attacks. QED.


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