Ron Paul Brings Out the Statist in Me

Do any other libertarian "purists" suffer from this angst? On the one hand I decided a while ago never to vote again in a political election. On the other hand, I spend tons of time on YouTube and other sites following Ron Paul. I sincerely hope he wins the election. I have even written LRC articles that all but say, "Go vote for Ron Paul!"

Can anyone reconcile these conflicting urges for me?


  1. I am unconflicted. Do you really think you were wrong when you wrote that brilliant article? Or that Wendy McElroy was wrong when she wrote "Why I Wouldn't Vote Against Hitler?" Get a hold of yourself. True principles are timeless. The real battle is not the election, but in the war of ideas that make it possible or impossible for someone with that philosophy to be elected in the first place. Contributing your money and time and skills to help spread the ideas of libertarianism -- via Paul's campaign or otherwise -- is a much better use of your resources than going to a government voting station on election day.

  2. Anyone going to a government voting station is exterminated and replaced by a robot clone (what do you think the curtain is for?). Look for a NON-government voting station in your district.

  3. Look for a NON-government voting station in your district.

    They're called (super-)markets.

  4. John T. Kennedy6:06 PM


    I guess you're still looking for the Anti-Marx.

  5. Anonymous12:37 AM

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