Sunday, September 30, 2007

Helping a Student Through Mockery

I saw a "stay-in-school' billboard yesterday reading "I'm going to graduate because they don't think I can," underneath a picture of a male teen. So, if it wasn't for those people denigrating his abilities, he would drop out. So, they're actually helping him. And if there's a student whose abilities you've been knocking, and you've been thinking of stopping, think again -- your cruel words may be the only thing keeping him on the road to a degree!


  1. "I don't smoke pot because...I don't have to."

  2. Woody8:27 PM

    I recall Gene's comments on a anti-drug poster many years ago. There was a photo of a young person, head in hands, obviously unable to study, with booze, drugs and stuff surrounding him. The message: "School is hard enough, why make it harder?" Gene's pro-drug retort: "School is easy, why not make it a challenge?"

  3. My prime ambition--after I become dictator of the universe (or at least of the galaxy)--is to pronounce the death penalty for any artistic creation, and then to see that the proscription is rigidly enforced without mercy. So shall I be remembered for all time as having reigned over a golden age of artistic creation.

  4. Anonymous12:38 AM

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