I Told You This Would Happen...

'Well, yesterday was interesting. My Hispanic cleaning lady told me that "she would like to be for Obama, but he's a dangerous Muslim." She was sure of it and had heard it on the radio many times. . .'

From Andrew Sullivan.


  1. Actually Gene, I think you told us that Obama didn't stand a chance because of his name, not that a few morons would say stuff to a guy who then relayed it to Andrew Sullivan.

    I haven't checked recently, but a few weeks ago Intrade listed Obama as the most likely next president. If that happens, will you finally admit you were wrong?

    (I am being anal on this since we know how concerned you are for consistent blogging about elections, a la your frequent posts concerning LRC.

    Also for casual onlookers, Gene and I are friends. I am not this much of a jerk to strangers.)

  2. Yes, we are friends.

    My original comments were a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the serious portion was that his name would be a problem. And I think it will be -- but I hope not so significant a problem that he can't beat Hillary.

  3. When I was in Iowa going door to door, one Hillary supporter told me that she "doesn't like that Obama is ashamed to say what he really is. We all know he's really a Muslim, right?"

  4. Brian N.8:58 AM

    "Everybody knows Trotsky is behind everything." --Stalin (sort of)

    Either of you have an optimal course out the country when Hillary gets sworn in? Jesus H. there's probably going to be a crackdown on 'right wing hate speech' which will just be leftist codewords for dissent of any kind. Of course it'll be for everyone's own good!

  5. I've got a Brazilian passport if I need to bolt. Maybe can survive the coming of Hillary, though.

  6. We've lived through Dubya -- Hillary will be an improvement.

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