Paul Paranoia

As I've said before, I think Paul is the best candidate we've seen in quite a while. But the level of paranoia displayed by some of his supporters is disturbing. When the MSM (mainstream media) said Paul had no chance to win, this was said to be an attempt to suppress his campaign. (Instead of just being the truth, which is, Paul has no chance of getting the GOP nomination.) He is doing better than they initially predicted, which is great.

But now that the media are acknowledging that, from Nick Bradley we get this: "Although Paul as at 9% in the latest ARG poll in nevada, a statistical tie for third pace, the AP is raising the bar as high as possibly can [sic] for Paul in Nevada -- they wouldn't want a top 3 finish in NV to be seen as a success. Now, the MSM can dismiss a 2nd or 3rd place finish by Paul in NV as a 'suprising [sic] disappointment,' not a 'surprising showing.'"

You see, if the MSM says Paul will do well, that is also an attempt to undermine his chances! In fact, if the MSM eats breakfast in the morning, that is part of a secret plot to portray Ron Paul as a racist!

But wait! Bradley himself writes, "And since low turnout is expected in Nevada, Paul could do very well."

Bradley is himself an MSM mole at LRC! They're coming to take me away, eeeh-ha!


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