I'm an Idea Man, Chuck

I get ideas; sometimes I get so many ideas that I can't even fight them off!

1) Niagara Falls seems to be doing OK, but things are starting to look a little run-down, a little shabby.

2) The US government is way deep in debt, and has just been downgraded by S&P.

Can we solve both these problems at once? (Hint: Think Citifield, or Staples Center.)

The solution: Corporate sponsorship. Billions to the US government, and a face lift for the towns and the park.

And who better to be that sponsor than Pfizer? Rename the falls, and the two cities... Viagra Falls! Just think of the symbolic power of that gush of water pouring into that deep ravine! Not only that, notice, on the right in the photo below, that the Canadians have already erected the "Viagra Tower":


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