The Wonders of Digital, Broadcast TV

So, I needed TV last February, as I knew UConn would win the national basketball championship, and I would have felt like a fool if we had missed that. But I didn't want to get cable, as there would be way to many things on to watch. (The monthly fee was a consideration, but a secondary one.) So we got a digital antenna.

You get the old broadcast networks, but also a lot of things I never imagined were being broadcast. My oldest son and I have been flipping through the stations. We found a station that seemed to be showing the Revolutionary People's Army singing Chinese opera. But what really was fascinating was the channel showing this elderly woman alternately walking around France, dressed like Liberace, saying things like "Here is the town hall of Toulousse, built in 1785," and then playing a pipe organ for two or three minutes, dressed like Liberace. The relationship of the organ music and the travel snippets was entirely obscure.

There is also a channel that sometimes broadcasts a program about an opera-singing superhero.


  1. Ever since we got a digital broadcast, we discovered that there actually existed channels for hard science enthusiasts, for foreign cinema enthusiasts, for Chinese documentaries, for French circus performance programs, and so on. A whole world of niche TV.

    I don't really watch TV at all, but it definitely showed that TV wasn't as bad as I thought it was.


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