Book review work flow

1) Walk into Barnes and Noble and scan new release section.

2) Find book of interest.

3) Think of which of my eight review outlets is the right target for this book.

4) Photograph book cover and mail it to that editor along with text "Need a review?"

5) Receive answer.

6) Send editor my address.

Fifteen minutes after walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing the book for the first time, the publisher is sending me a copy!


  1. Do people recognize your name, or how do you sell yourself as a reviewer?

    1. Well, I have now written up to half-a-dozen reviews for some of these outlets. But to get going, the academic outlets are usually anxious to get reviewers: start there.

      Try History: Review of New Books, and tell Michael or Miriam that I sent you:

    2. Once you have knocked off a couple of academic essays, you can use those as credentials if you decide to pitch a commercial outlet for a review.

  2. Gene, you're just lucky guys like me buy coffee to use B&N wifi when visiting relatives, otherwise the store would close.

    1. I stole a couple of magazines while I was in there as well. And use the bathroom. Twice.


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