We don't need more condos!

The Long Island College Hospital has been threatening to close for some time now, as it loses millions of dollars per month. Some people in the neighborhood I've been very worked up about this--I don't know why, as it is a terrible hospital. In any case, I just saw posters around the neighborhood saying "Governor Cuomo, we need a hospital, not more condos."

Two observations:

1) I bet these same people complain about how housing costs in our neighborhood are getting out of hand.

2) My neighbors protesting the closing of LICH, of course, already have housing in the neighborhood. To someone who wants to move here but can't find a place, a few more condos might not seem like such a bad idea.


  1. Phew! I was worried you were being serious in your title, like the time you wanted to ban people from mailing you coupons.

    1. "ban people from mailing you coupons."

      I think it was from dumping advertising circulars on my doorstep.

      I would think this could be defended on fairly libertarian grounds: it is my (well, the condo association's) properly, and they are dumping unwanted material onto it.

      Is there a libertarian reason why that should NOT be illegal?


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