The State Is a Natural Object

"From these considerations it is evident that the state belongs to the class of things that exist by nature, and that man is by nature a political animal. He who is without a state, by reason of his own nature and not of some accident, is either a poor sort of being, or a being higher than man: he is like the man of whom Homer wrote in denunciation: 'Clanless and lawless and heartless is he.'" -- Aristotle, Politics, Book I, Section ii

Anarchists often like to point to the decline in character of various states over time as making a case against the state tout court. But Aristotle documents this sort of decline at great length: he would be unmoved. Claiming that because states, like all natural objects, are subject to decay and corruption, therefore we should eliminate them, is like saying that because our bodies decline with old age, they should be eliminated!


  1. Not all of them Gene. I think Rothbardians only argue that we need to set the organs free from the supervisory constraints and dictates of "homeostatic regulation": centrally produced and regulated hormones. Let organs negotiate directly, free from intervention.

    Oh, and end fractional reserve gene expression.


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