Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hayek tries to resolve a non-conundrum

This was in someone's PowerPoint presentation this past weekend: "The aim of theoretical psychology is to explain why the world of our senses differs from the world revealed by the physical sciences." (I don't know if it is a direct quote from Hayek or a paraphrase.)

If Hayek had things in the right order, the answer to this question would be easy: the world "revealed" by the physical sciences is actually a world created by them, by a process of abstraction from the real world. It differs from the "world of our senses" because it deliberately takes up a partial view of the real world.


  1. ...Which is in fact what Hayek himself ends up saying, if I read him correctly.

    1. No, he thinks the sensory order is an abstraction from the real world of science.


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