Let's hope that anarchists don't turn their attention to the family anytime soon

We would get arguments like this:

"All parents are flawed. Many, many of them have been known to even murder their own children. Therefore, we must abolish parents."

"If ordinary people force a child into a car with the threat of violence, we call it kidnapping. Why do we think that this is magically different when the people are called parents?"


  1. I can't see any of the paleos doing that. I can see the atheist/agnostic variety having the potential for that though. There are actually some that lean that way.

  2. What about Stefan Molyneux? doesn't he do this already?

  3. The inability of Libertarianism to handle children, or the senile, is an insurmountable problem. It's one of the reasons I am not one, despite having an individualist, minimalist approach to government. If your philosophy fails for 100% of those you apply it to ...


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