How Times Have Changed

Writing a few decades ago, Robert Nisbet noted:

"In each of these [professions] a man is guaranteed his job so long as he competently fulfils its specification, whether this be installing carburetors, performing an audit, or playing second base, and he is not likely to be dismissed or demoted on grounds extraneous to his competence exzcept for commission of felony or flagrant insurbordination." -- "Permanent Professors: A Modest Proposal"

The social justice warriors were not on the loose yet, were they?


  1. Aha, so depression was a contagion of mass incompetency. GTK.

    1. Please don't be an idiot. He is not analyzing the business cycle: he is saying that, for instance, being a Democrat or Republican would typically not get you fired. OF COURSE, if a firm is losing money, they let people go. But there is a reason these are called LAYOFFS, and not FIRINGS: it indicates it wasn't the worker, but the general condition of the business, that was at fault.


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