I Am a Wise Aleck, But I Am Not "alec"

I grant you that this sounds like something I would write, but I promise this reader comment from "alec" on MarginalRevolution is not from me:

I thought the subtitle of this blog was "Small steps toward a much better world", not "Irrelevant Facts While I Do An Imitative Freakonomics Jig". (I would also accept "Small steps towards overanalyzing small things" or "Relevant economics is dead and I intend to prove it")

Although the telltale signs are there, I always capitalize my name. (I am "bob murphy" in Blogger but I don't know what happened there. I don't remember setting it up like that...)


  1. When I was a kid and was called a "smart aleck", I'd make sure to remind them that my name was Tom, not Aleck.

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