I'm Thinking of a Number Between 0 and 100...

...what is it? The first person to guess gets an autographed copy of my latest book.*

* Not really, and I'm just making fun of Tyler Cowen in this post.


  1. I don't know your number, but I know that it is not seven. Why not? Because the probability that your number is not seven is {equiprobable guesses that it is not seven}/{total number of equiprobable possibilities} = {infinity}/{inifinit} = ONE.

  2. You're assuming the number is a real, right? E.g. if it were an integer (which is sorta the default in these games!) then the fraction would be well-defined.

  3. Yes,yes, but no one is ever joking. You DID think of a number, when you said you were thinking of a number. The number you first thought of was 74.

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