All the News That Fits the Story

So, what does an ideologue make of an experiment that shows how little we still know about the atmosphere? Well, it's conclusive evidence that AGW is a hoax, of course!


  1. How dare someone try out scientific enquiry by himself.


    Right, Gene, what a moron? I mean this guy, he's kidding himself. Unbelievable the kind of jokers this world produces.

  2. What in the world are you talking about, Avram? Did you actually read the story at the physics web site?

    1) The work was done by a team, not a lone individual. Science is always a social enterprise.

    2) The conclusions of the actual scientists are very tentative. It's the political people writing it up who have concluded this disproves AGW. No scientists were saying anything like that.

    3) I am not laughing at any of the scientists at all. I have said quite clearly that AGW may prove to be non-existent. I also know you and I are in no position to decide that. The scientists will sort it out. They should explore other hypotheses. I applaud their efforts. In fact, it would be quite a relief if there was no AGW!

  3. I misunderstood entirely.

    Which makes me happy because earlier I was upset at what I thought you were saying but you're not saying that so its ok.

    See I read it as you saying one idealogue scientist made an experiment that he thinks disproved AGW and that in the process he humilated himself and you were joining in on the laughing.


  4. Thank you for your apology, Avram!


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