Stupidest Vacation Ever?

No, not the one I'm one right now, where I'm busy blogging, but this one. These people pay someone to lead them into a muddy creek filled with water moccasins and copperheads, find holes in the bank into which they plunge their bodies, using their bodies as bait to catch catfish!

This is why I don't have cable at home: I really didn't need to know that there are people who would pay to be abused like this.


  1. I'm from the region in which "noodling" seems to be centered (Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks and northeastern Oklahoma), and have always found it pretty horrifying.

    The snakes aren't really a major concern, though. Cottonmouth/water moccasin aren't as abundant as rumor would have it, and I don't recall ever seeing a copperhead in the water (not saying it couldn't happen, just haven't seen it -- I've stepped on them, I've been cornered by one and had to shoot it, but I've never seen one swimming).

    The real danger in noodling is that you go underwater and slip your arm in the gill and out the mouth of a 40-pound catfish, and then HE decides not to let YOU go.

    Family legend has it that a great-uncle of mine nearly drowned and lost a good part of the flesh off one arm trying to get away from a catfish he had "noodled."

    Personally, I was always content to just go with rod and reel.

  2. A friend of mine saw a guy's arm torn to pieces by a beaver doing this. I guess he picked the wrong hole to stick his arm in.

    Watch out for those beavers...

  3. Scott, I've seen friends' lives torn apart going for some beaver, so I know where you're coming from!

  4. Oh my... I hadn't thought of that interpretation! Ha! Is there anything you can say anymore without it turning into...that?

    I feel stupid. But the laugh was worth it!

  5. Scott, no reason you should feel stupid because my mind is in the gutter!


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