Times Are Hard

Just watched a dude picking the choicest butts out of the ashtray at Stewart's on Rt. 17 and then sitting down at the picnic table for a (or several) nice smoke.


  1. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Sad. Because Relighting an extinguished butt tastes horrible.

    As a former smoker (hanging around outdoor ashtrays) you see this often enough in central cities.

    When I was in high school, I knew a kid who would occasionally assemble a full cigarette out of several butts and scotch tape.

    I wonder if there are those who will only smoke used "American Spirit" Brand cigarettes. God those people are insufferable.

  2. "Sad. Because Relighting an extinguished butt tastes horrible."

    Yeah, if I had had a smoke I would have given it to him.


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