Now, This Is Pretty Evil!

Michael Moore calls for Obama to arrest the head of S&P. For, you know, saying what he thinks about US credit worthiness. Which is his job. Maybe the rating downgrade was a terrible mistake, but how is this exercise of free speech a crime in Moore's eyes?

Moore's comment is not nearly as evil as Goebbels, but it is pretty damned bad.


  1. There seem to have been a lot of problems at S&P. I think there's good evidence it was a bad decision.

    Apparently Michael Moore thinks that threatening decision makers with police action will make bad decisions better.

    I'm failing to understand the logic, but then, this is not a new experience with Michael Moore.

  2. It's vaguely possible that Moore feels there is some sort of conspiracy to damage the US economy going on, but he gives no sign he thinks that, and I'm not even sure that is a crime.


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