Collaborating with Young'uns

I've a couple of papers in their preliminary stages in which I am attempting to collaborate with younger colleagues. One of them keeps suggesting we use things with names like "Skype" and "Drop-box." What the hey?

OK, I'm gonna go him one better. I am going to insist that all our collaboration take place in World of Warcraft. "Ah, you want to talk about the paper? Then meet me in Westfall and we can discuss it while we kill Harversters." Or: "The new draft of the paper? Ah, I dropped it off with Jergosh the Invoker in Ragefire Chasm: get together a group, and when you kill him you can loot him for it."


  1. As a former WoW addict, I would totally have taken you up on that offer a few years back, when I spent most of my waking hours in Azeroth. It took me years to finally find the discipline to go cold turkey. Sad, I know.


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