Well, Imagine My Surprise

when I took the little political quiz Daniel Kuehn and Ryan Murphy have been discussing, and discovered I am...

a libertarian! I received 93% on Gary Johnson, and 83% on Ron Paul.

Man, how hard to I have to run to get away?


  1. I got 83% Johnson and 80% Romney. Luckily I don't vote based on the issues.

  2. That's just because there's no post-libertarian candidates in the running.

    Maybe you could come up with the post-libertarian platform and run next election cycle.

  3. Maybe you conflate your dislike of some contemporary libertarians with an actual disagreement of general libertarian policies.

    And by the way, from movies I learn regularly that you should not run away, but you have to stand your ground and face your fear! That is at least what heroes do. (You only need to solve the issue of what you are really running from..)

    Got a little hero in you? ;)


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