I Like that Benedict Guy!

Here: "Artificial intelligence, in fact, is obviously an intelligence transmitted by conscious subjects, an intelligence placed in equipment. It has a clear origin, in fact, in the intelligence of the human creators of such equipment.

This point is always seems rather obvious to me: there is intelligence in a rabbit trap... put there by the trapper who built it. And there is intelligence in a chess-playing computer... put there by the programmers and designers who built it.


  1. And is there intelligence in a human being ... put there by a God who made Man in his own image?

    1. I don't see how your comment is relevant to my post. As thinking beings ourselves, it is rather obvious to us that we somehow or other do think, right?

      How that came about is a whole nother question, and I can't see that it has anything to do with the AI issue.

    2. My point is that your argument could be used equally well to show that humans don't really have genuine intelligence, which is what I thought you were trying to say about AI.

    3. If God were an engineer building a machine it could.


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