It doesn't fit the narrative

On Facebook I saw a semi-famous conservative author post that while George Zimmerman's ex-girlfriend recanted her charge that Zimmerman threatened her with a gun, the media had "naturally" buried the story. A number of people with similar views entered this echo chamber and posted "Of course the media won't cover this!" and so on.

A few hours later, the story played on the CBS nighttime news, I believe as the third feature of the night. The next morning, I checked my CNN phone app, and saw it was headline news on CNN as well. I asked on Facebook if anyone was going to change their mind as to how "Of course the media won't cover this" based on the pretty plain evidence that the media gave it quite prominent coverage.


This is the way an ideology works. Everything in the world continually confirms the ideology because the ideology is a filter: it only lets in confirmations! If you are an anarchist, you will only see police brutality, and the millions of times a year police help and save people will be invisible to you. If you are a Marxist, only stories of corporate corruption and exploitation make it through the filter, and stories of generous business owners are invisible. And if you are a "conservative" convinced that there is a monolith called the MSM that won't cover this George Zimmerman story, their actual prominent coverage of it doesn't exist.


  1. But you hearing "Nothing." in response to your FB post might just mean no one pays attention to you. Don't just see your own views of conservatives fulfilled!

  2. And they were doing exactly that which they accused the MSM of!


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