One of the most remarkable video sequences I have seen

In a documentary called Wild China, I watched two guys use a grasshopper as bait so that they could tie a feather to a live hornet. I kid you not: while the hornet was busy eating the grasshopper, these two guys tied a feather to its waist.

Why would they bother doing that? The feather acted as a tracking device, allowing the two men to follow the horn back to its nest high in a tree. Once there, they smoked all of the adult hornets out of the nest, brought it down to the ground, and proceeded to eat all the grubs inside of it.

But here was what really got me: the hornets seemed to know that the feather was a problem. As soon as the tagged hornet reached the nest, other hornets began chewing through the string that attached the feather to its body, eventually cutting the feather away.


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