The Catholic Church Does Not Hold Truck with Methodological Individualism

CCC 1910: "Each human community possesses a common good which permits it to be recognized as such; it is in the political community that its most complete realization is found. It is the role of the state to defend and promote the common good of civil society, its citizens, and intermediate bodies."


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Mr. Callahan,

    If you want to have a good laugh have a look at Murray Rothbard's "take" on CST:

  2. Gene,

    Thanks for posting this. As Catholic, and deeply in love with Christ and His Church, I find it wonderful and joyful whenever I see the Church agreeing with either common sense, or a philosophically sound argument.

    There is a lot of wisdom and common sense in the Catechism. Unfortunately, most never even bother to read it, or the wealth of philosophy and theology that it draws it's insights from.


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