Sunday, June 12, 2016

The shoddiness of TV plot writing

CSI: Miami:

A guy is found dead, and his car has some strange scarring on the paint job. The forensics team determines it is from acetone.

Ah! His ex-girlfriend works at a nail salon. The drama unfolds: she saw him out at a nightclub with another woman, so she went to her car... and fetched the gallon or so of acetone she apparently always keeps in the boot... because, you know, she works at a salon!... and dumps it on the hood of his car.

This is quite realistic, in my experience. I work at a college, and therefore I always drive around with hundreds of syllabi in the back seat of my car. And if I spot an ex fooling around, I dump all of them on her car, hoping I can bore her to death by making her read them.

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