Don't ask Ying for math help!

Asking an Asian student for math help is now a "microaggression." Some thoughts:

1) First of all, they are best at math! If you're just picking someone at random, you'd have to be nuts to ask anyone else. Unless, of course, the class has been running awhile, and you know who is doing well...

2) But what if the kid in your class getting the best test scores happens to be Asian? Can you still not ask him or her for help? Do you have to wait a certain number of tests before you ask?

3) Most importantly, is it still okay to ask the Irish guy out for a few pints? Because it would really suck if that was off-limits now as well.


  1. One can accept the theory of microagressions in principle. However, like neoclassical economic theory, it suffers from circular reasoning, missing variables, and empirically falsifiable assumptions.

    1. If an aggression is "micro" it falls under the heading of "the little things we ought to let slide so we can get along."

    2. Call it the "non-microaggression principle". Who can possibly object to that?

  2. I am a little bit disappointed at Indians, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans joining the ranks of people complaining about racism for very minor instances.

    These are wealthiest and socially most mobile groups in the US. They don't get to act like victims over easily hurt feelings.

    Despite being a small minority in the US, they are on boards of universities, major tech corporations, and major finance corporations. We can hear their grievances but where is the gratitude?


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