Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Don't Shoot Him!"

The New York Times has on its front page for Sunday (we get the Sunday Times on Saturday in NYC): '"Don't Shoot Him!" Wife's Plea to Charlotte Police'

This is incendiary. More relevant and less inflammatory would have been '"Drop the Gun!" Cop's Plea to Charlotte Shooting Victim'


  1. Or even: "Don't Do It: Wife's Plea to Husband During Police Confrontation"

    1. Yeah, this is so discouraging: a black cop thought a black suspect had a gun. He asked him to drop it, and when he thought the suspect was not complying, the black cop shot the black suspect. And so the "right" response is for black "protesters" to drag random white people onto the ground and repeatedly kick them.
      THAT is not going to ease racial tensions!


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