Even Die-Hard Anti-Trumpkins Are Admitting Defeat

Josh Marshall tweets: "As we hurtle toward our Trumpist future, some of us can at least know we were in the resistance."

Five steps of grief and loss:

1) He won't even get 20% of the GOP vote in any primary! (Denial)
2) OK, he's getting more than that, but once other candidates drop out, the remaining establishment candidates will easily defeat him! (Anger)
3) Hey, you "nice" Republicans, you'll come over and support Hillary, right? So that then he can't possibly win the general election! (Bargaining)
4) Gee, Hillary sure is a terrible campaigner, but at least she's still ahead, by a bit. (Depression)
5) OK, Trump has won, but at least I was in the resistance. (Acceptance)


  1. Eh, once Trump won the delegate votes needed to secure the candidacy, I realized that the liberals here on the west coast and elsewhere who registered Republican for the primaries will be the ones to secure Trump's presidency.

  2. So, are you a Trump fan now? Honestly, I've read your blog for years, now, and recently, you've become obsessive when it comes to him. I thought you wrote that you were going to vote for Jill Stein.

    1. "Obsessive"? We are in a campaign for the US presidency, and an outsider is winning: that's kind of a big story. If you'll notice, there are places like... every news outlet... that seem to share my "obsession."

      Yes, I have endorsed Jill Stein. And, in fact, I am going to vote for no one, because I am not even registered to vote. But I do think Trump has essentially already won, and it is interesting that many people don't see this.

  3. Aaaaaaaand Trump's nomination has been secured: https://www.facebook.com/tedcruzpage/posts/10154476728267464

    1. I think he won the nomination a while back.


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